Privacy policy
■Policy on the purpose of collecting and using personal information Hwajin Industry utilizes the collected personal information for the following purposes.

ο Receiving inquiries via e-mail and sending replies to these inquiries

ο Providing replies to inquiries

■Personal information items collected Hwajin Industry collects the following personal information to give you fruitful responses to your inquiries.

ο Items to be collected: Name, e-mail address, e-mail title, email contents

ο How we collect personal information: e-mail sending form

■Retention and use period of personal information
Hwajin Industry destroys the information without delay after the purpose of collecting and using personal information has been fulfilled.
  • Research on natural additives

    Research directions

    Hwajin Industry conducts research on developing safe, functional and eco-friendly additives that are manufactured from natural products.
    Hwajin Industry develops high-performance products by developing compounds and conducting research on processes that can maintain the effects of natural products while strengthening and expanding the competitiveness its existing businesses.

    migration → 100nm 천연물 첨가제 → 4t

    Fields of application

    Medical field
    Cosmetic products
  • Bioresearch

    Research directions

    Hwajin Industry conducts research using polymer formulations that have excellent adhesion and skin friendliness.
    This allows polymer formulations to be applied to mask packs, contact lenses and therapeutic bands.

    • Gelatin →  Methacrylic anhydride(MAA) →  Gelatin Methacryate, Gelatin Methacrylamide + Methacrylicacid(부산물)
    • Silicone Layer(Pain free dressing changes) →  Smart Pore Structure(Allows for vertical absorption) → Super Absorbent Particles(Absorb and lock in exudate) → Film Backing(Water repelfant and high MVTR)

    Field of application

    Contact lenses
    Therapeutic bands
    Mask packs
  • Research on oxidative biodegradation

    Research directions

    Plastic waste takes hundreds of years to decompose after landfill, and causes serious environmental pollution if incinerated.
    To solve these problems, Hwajin Industry conducts research on oxidative biodegradation that enables decomposition after a certain period of time while maintaining the advantages of plastic.

    플라스틱폐기물 산화생분해 이미지

    Field of application

    Defecation bags and garbage bags for pets
    Spoons, forks and knives
    Other types of films
  • Polymerized matrix design

    Research directions

    By checking the process conditions of developing polymerized matrix designs that use the multilayer extrusion technology and various functional materials, Hwajin Industry is developing differentiated new products while strengthening the competitiveness of its existing products.

    고분자 매트릭스 이미지

    Field of application

    Protection films
    Optical films
    Food wraps
    Smack/Cookie bags
    Other types of films