Privacy policy
■Policy on the purpose of collecting and using personal information Hwajin Industry utilizes the collected personal information for the following purposes.

ο Receiving inquiries via e-mail and sending replies to these inquiries

ο Providing replies to inquiries

■Personal information items collected Hwajin Industry collects the following personal information to give you fruitful responses to your inquiries.

ο Items to be collected: Name, e-mail address, e-mail title, email contents

ο How we collect personal information: e-mail sending form

■Retention and use period of personal information
Hwajin Industry destroys the information without delay after the purpose of collecting and using personal information has been fulfilled.
  • Goal. 05 Gender Equality

    We have achieved gender equality with more than 50% of female executives.

  • Goal. 08 Decent Work and Econimic Growth

    We promote corporate development and increase productivity by providing continuous, high-quality jobs.

  • Goal. 10 Reduced Inequalities

    In line with 'Promoting and expanding the social, economic and political inclusion of all people, regardless of age, gender, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion, economic or other status, by 2030' we are striving to hire people with disabilities so that they can engage in economic activities regardless of their disability.

  • Goal. 12 Responsible Consumption and Production

    H BIO biodegradable film can be produced and consumed sustainably because it is biodegradable. The company conducts business ethically to develop eco-friendly products.

  • Goal. 13 Climate Action

    H BIO biodegradable film is an eco-friendly product, contributing to the minimization of climate change and its effects. We strive to develop eco-friendly products to minimize our impact on the environment, and run our business with a sense of responsibility.

  • Goal. 14 Life Below Water

    HH BIO biodegradable film is recyclable and contributes to protecting resources because it can decompose waste because it is biodegradable. We develop products for sustainable development to protect marine resources..

  • Goal. 15 Life on Land

    Our products contribute to reducing the amount of waste that is oxidized and biodegraded by nature and landfilled. We are committed and responsible for being involved in the process of protecting and restoring terrestrial ecosystems.