Privacy policy
■Policy on the purpose of collecting and using personal information Hwajin Industry utilizes the collected personal information for the following purposes.

ο Receiving inquiries via e-mail and sending replies to these inquiries

ο Providing replies to inquiries

■Personal information items collected Hwajin Industry collects the following personal information to give you fruitful responses to your inquiries.

ο Items to be collected: Name, e-mail address, e-mail title, email contents

ο How we collect personal information: e-mail sending form

■Retention and use period of personal information
Hwajin Industry destroys the information without delay after the purpose of collecting and using personal information has been fulfilled.
Established in 2013, Hwajin Industry Co., Ltd. is a Korean packaging film company which supplies high-performance films that provide safety and user convenience.
  • ECO
  • 01 MISSION

    Hwajin Industry is growing as a “high-performance film company” by building a network within Korea based on customer-centered attitude that puts the needs of consumers and the needs of the market first, and supplies competitive films for industrial use and for agricultural use, etc. to Korea.

  • 02 VISION

    Currently, Hwajin Industry is strengthening its dominance in the household material market, focusing on high-performance films. The company is also expanding its business into the field of eco-friendly industrial materials, forming a future-oriented business portfolio.

  • 03 VALUE

    Hwajin Industry Co., Ltd. is determined to become Korea’s leading company which provides new value to customers by realizing its management philosophy “Customers’ success is our success.”